Meet Ellie

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I am a single mom to my amazing daughter Ellie. Ellie is diagnosed with spastic quad CP, polymicrogyira, microcephaly, and epilepsy, but she does not let any of those diagnoses slow her down in the slightest. For 6 years I, Rebecca, lived in Ghana, West Africa as a volunteer where I opened an orphanage for children with disabilities, an inclusive primary school, and medical sponsorship program. I got foster custody of Ellie when she was 16 months old and she weighed only 5lbs. The first doctor who saw her in Ghana said she would survive more than a few days because she was so malnourished and weak. But I saw a fight in Ellie's eyes and did not give up on her. Day by day she got stronger, and just a year later she started taking steps, babbling, holding her head up, and laughing nonstop. It took 3.5 years of advocacy and fighting to get Ellie's adoption finalized in Ghana and immigrate her to the US. They did not see any worth or value in Ellie, therefore did not want to do the necessary processes to allow me to adopt her. Ellie and I arrived in the US in October 2017 where she finally had access to medical care, therapy, and schooling, none of which she had access to in Ghana. Over the last year I have seen her thrive and surprise every single one of her doctors. She has a resilient spirit that does not give up. I am determined to provide her a life of no limits and no boundaries. She is a warrior!

Ellie recently started a new six month PT program. She is excited to work hard and have fun while doing it. Her first goals are focused on head control and balance while sitting and standing. None of this would be possible without her scholarship from Victoria’s Victory Foundation and their amazing commitment to children & adults with spinal cord & neurological injuries. I can’t wait to see all the amazing gains Ellie makes.

~ Ellie’s Mother