Mission Statement: Helping people achieve their own personal victory

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Who We Support

People living with mobility challenges and special needs.  


VVF is dedicated to offering support both emotionally and financially to help people achieve their own personal victory. 


As an organization, we provide assistance for wheelchairs, mobility equipment, home adaptations, nursing services, training and recovery sessions, vehicle modifications and medical supplies. The Victory Scholarship program allows for those with mobility challenges and other special needs to have access to the resources they need to lead more independent lives. VVF brings HOPE to those faced with the daily obstacles and isolation that can result from mobility challenges and special needs. In addition to financial support, Victoria's Victory Foundation helps to connect people with work and volunteer opportunities that allow them to use their talents and skills.

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Victoria's Victory Foundation is an organization dependent on the generosity of our donors, sponsors, fundraising efforts and grants from various funders. These investments are allocated to Victory Scholarships for those in need through an application comprehensive application process.  Funds are distributed directly to organizations and companies that provide the necessary resources.

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Founder: Victoria Arlen

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