About the Foundation

The Victoria’s Victory Foundation is an organization founded on the desire to help others rise above challenges and achieve their own PERSONAL victories. 

Who We Support: People living with mobility challenges.  

Why: We want to offer support both emotionally and financially to help people achieve their own mobility victory. 

As an organization, we provide grants for training and recovery sessions, home adaptions, wheelchairs, vans, ramps, medical supplies, and access to adaptive sports and dance programs.  
VVF supports organizations that are focused on improving the lives of others both mentally and physically with programs that help people overcome obstacles as well as organizations that are leading the charge in funding research for paralysis and mobility related disorders.

In addition to financial support, Victoria's Victory Foundation helps to connect people with work and volunteer opportunities that allow them to use their talents and skills.

Victoria's Victory Foundation is an organization dependent on the generosity of our donors, fundraising efforts and grants from various funders.  
These investments will be allocated to those in need through an internal evaluation process and comprehensive application process.  Funds are distributed directly to the organizations and companies that provide the necessary resources.  

The VVF encourages people to live a victorious lifestyle. The changes that happen, the victory that is achieved, happens through hard work, consistency and lifestyle commitments. The VVF wants to be a part of the journey for those looking to live a victorious lifestyle because we believe when we all come together to offer support, amazing things can happen.