Meet Taylor

T.D Training Pic.1.jpg

Taylor was in an accident on June 8, 2016 where she was bucked off a horse. She was airlifted to the hospital where she had surgery to relieve the bones off her spinal cord. Taylor was fused from T2 - T8.

Taylor's doctors told her she will never walk again but I refuse to give up trying!

Taylor’s current goals include attending PT, getting her core and legs strong again. She currently attends PT at Next Steps Chicago. This will help Taylor get the right therapy that is needed to reach her overall goal of walking again. I want her around people that will give her hope!! Taylor got back on her horse as soon as she was released from inpatient therapy. She is VERY determined and positive. She is a fighter.

Life is expensive as is, but throw in a spinal cord injury or any disability and it becomes 10x harder. If it weren’t for organizations like Victoria’s Victory Foundation we would have a hard time paying for everything we need.

~ Taylor’s Mother