Meet Jessica

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In May 2017 I went on vacation with friends in Maui. We decided to downhill bike the Haleakala Volcano. I ended up crashing my bike and broke my back. Although I cannot recall the actual moment of the fall, I remember waking up in the hospital and not being able to feel my legs. The doctors basically told me I was paralyzed from the chest down. The doctors had given me a less than 3% chance of every moving anything below my line of injury. As of Sept, 2017, so almost 2 years ago, I got movement in my right leg. It was an emotional day because I thought maybe it was just a spasm. It wasn’t though. Since then, I’ve been really working hard on finding my balance. I can’t feel my legs whatsoever. I can feel nerve pain in the bottom of my feet. I kind of use that to find out where I am in the world. I can feel buzzing in my feet but I can’t tell you where my knees but I can trust my body.

My overall goal is standing transfers. I can deal with the wheelchair but getting up and moving to a chair or to a couch is huge to me. I can take steps. My Victory Scholarships helps with my confidence. It takes that financial burden out of the equation so I can focus on getting stronger and reach my full potential. I’ve come to realize this whole process is as much mental as it is physical. Positivity is a MUST to see progress.