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Imagine for a moment being trapped inside your own body for four grueling years, unable to communicate with the outside world as your health continued to deteriorate while expert doctors offer your loved ones no signs of hope. Yet you were still there. In mind and spirit you were still you, desperately trying to find a way back to the life you once knew. Victoria Arlen has not only been through this astonishing battle simply to survive, but she has found ways to thrive and has turned her life’s challenges into an unending source of fuel that has led to extraordinary accomplishments.

While paralyzed from the waist down, Victoria Arlen trained for six months, seven days a week to compete in London on the Women’s US Paralympic Swim team.  She won one gold medal, three silver medals and set a new Paralympic and world record.

Upon discovering Project Walk in CA, she began traveling coast to coast to train five days a week, three hours a day. 

As a new correspondent for ESPN and traveling for public speaking engagements, Victoria continued her training seven days a week to include training at Project walk Boston, a newly established rehabilitation center on the east coast, swimming and working with a personal trainer.

Victoria was told numerous times she would never walk again; she chose to believe differently and worked very hard to overcome her obstacles.

Victoria determined to walk again, after ten years took her first steps in April 2016.  In the fall of 2017, still unable to feel her legs from the waist down, Victoria took her first choreographed dance steps onto the Dancing With the Stars stage as she competed into the semi-finals of the twenty fifth season.

Victoria continues to conquer her body and train daily with a mix of Spin, Barre and personal training.

Victoria’s definition on heroes are true to her nature

Heroes in real life don’t wear masks and capes. Sometimes they don’t stand out at all. But real heroes can save a life or many lives just by answering the call in their heart. In the darkest period of my life, when I couldn’t help myself, my heroes were there. … Sometimes we just need someone to lean over and whisper, ‘You can do it!'